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Sally’s doggy blog: the start of my dog adventures

Sally's dog adventures: the beginning

Hello dog lovers. I know, this is long overdue. My mum keeps promising to help me finish writing. She says this is the perfect time for my first ever doggie blog post! I want to tell you all about my dog adventures. My ever-wagging spaniel tail has gone into overdrive. So here goes…

Sally's dog adventures

Welcome to Dulwich Park – I’m actually looking at something in the bushes, not the sign!

I wanted to start with a short story about a visit we made to Dulwich Park in London. Why? Well I’ll tell you. This day signifies a point in my life when some major changes started to happen. Everything started turning upside down. For those of you who know me, you will see from the photos that I look a little bit younger – I was 13 1/2 back then. It was before we started a crazy journey, just over a year ago. Woooooohooooo, this has been one heck of a year.

It was kind-of warm for a day in November. I remember it had rained a few days before and some of the ground was muddy. My mum isn’t so keen on the mud – mainly because I love getting mucky. I think there were ducks swimming in the pond and hiding in the reeds – my eyesight isn’t as it used to be, but my super spaniel nose never fails me. If they weren’t behind a fence I would be right in that water, paddling as quick as I can, going to investigate. I’m too slow now to catch them anyway, they swim away and disappear out of range. It’s so frustrating.

Dulwich Park walk - Sally's dog adventures

Me in Dulwich Park – people say I look good for my age!

Anyway, I’m getting distracted – damn birds! Where was I? Oh yes…everything has changed.

We left Worthing and everything familiar and started an adventure. My mum said we were going to see lots of new places – I was really excited. Then she told be something that made me wag my tail for like forever. She said we needed to go and help other pets while their owners were away on holiday. At first I thought it was a bit weird, then I realised it was a really cool idea – I love other dogs, and I can just about tolerate cats (actually I’m a bit scared of them), and I can’t be bothered to chase rats and chickens anymore. She calls it “pet and house-sitting“. I guess that makes sense. So we have travelled all over England and I have made loads of new friends. And when my mum couldn’t take me with her because she had to go out the country, she left me with some awesome aunties that pampered me. It’s been fun so far, and I am going to tell you all about the fun I’ve been having. I think that’s enough for my first blog post – I have a pig’s ear chew waiting for my attention.

As a parting gift for today, I will leave you with this silly picture my mum made me sit still for, with some weird metal structure around me. She said it would be great for my blog – so I reluctantly agreed. So embarrassing!

What use is something like that to a dog when it’s too slippery to climb onto? So dumb. Mum says it’s art! Not sure what that means! Until next time dog lovers…

"Three Perpetual Chords" - Dulwich Park - Sally's dog adventures

“Three Perpetual Chords” in Dulwich Park – this is so dull!

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